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Re: Multi-boot CDs

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On Wednesday 09 January 2002 21:28, Philip Charles wrote:
> In a rash moment I offered to make the H3 Hurd CD1 multi-boot.
> Unfortunately I cannot get multi-boot to work.  I do not know if it is my
> machine or me.
> It's a 850 MHz Celeron, 6VMML MB, VT8601A/VT82C686B chipset with 256 MB
> RAM. I would think that it is modern enough to be able to multi-boot a CD.
> I have burnt and tried 4-5 different CDs (thank heavens for CD-RWs), the
> last was burnt with,
> mkisofs -r -T \
> -b boot/rescue.bin -c boot/boot.catalog \
> -eltorito-alt-boot -b boot/compact.bin \
> -eltorito-alt-boot -b boot/idepci.bin \
> -eltorito-alt-boot -b boot/ide.bin \
> /b5/debian/yacs-hurd/sid-hurd-i386/boot1 M-boot-test.iso \
> | cdrecord -v speed=8 dev=0,0 -
> "/b5/debian/yacs-hurd/sid-hurd-i386/boot1/boot"  has the four boot images
> Any idea of where I am going wrong?

Me thinks that you need to finish the sequence  of
- -eltorito-alt-boot's  with 
- -c boot/boot.catalog

So change your command to:

mkisofs -r -T \
- -b boot/rescue.bin  \
- -eltorito-alt-boot -b boot/compact.bin \
- -eltorito-alt-boot -b boot/idepci.bin \
- -eltorito-alt-boot -b boot/ide.bin \
- -c boot/boot.catalog \
/b5/debian/yacs-hurd/sid-hurd-i386/boot1 M-boot-test.iso \
| cdrecord -v speed=8 dev=0,0 -

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The sequence is first specify the default boot image ( -b boot/rescue.bin )

Then an alternate  ( -eltorito-alt-boot -b boot/compact.bin  )
etc etc etc... up to 63 images according to the eltorito spec
Then close the sequence with ( -c boot/boot.catalog )

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My experience  shows that this works, BUT you have to have
a BIOS that was created in the past couple of years - so that it
knows how to display a menu of possible boot images.....

If you have an older bios.....or one that is not aware of the possiblity
of multiple boot images.....it will simply boot the first image.

Let me know if this helps.

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