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Re: unable to get unofficial ppc wooddy images

> I was trying to retrieve powerpc woody images from:
> http://cdimage-unofficial.debian.net/index2.html
> Does anyone know who maintains this site? My requests are continually
> timing out.

Ummm it is me who maintains that, and the url you are telling me is not for
downloading images but for reading the instructions on where you should
download them.

If you can tell me at least the line you are using to try to retrieve your
powerpc images I'll have more info to test and tell you something, right now
I don't even know the method you use to access the images.

BTW, you should read the page on the url you tell us to find out the methods
you can use to get the images, among them rsync is prefered, and the place
where to download those images from, in your case powerpc.trasno.net

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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