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Re: choose_medium.c and the /instmnt issue

* John H. Robinson, IV <jhriv@ucsd.edu> [011228 19:10]:
> in discussing this with adam on irc (btw, my /nick is jaqque), he said
> that he did not like the ``target'' method idea. he thinks that having
> people wander about the real / (the RAM disk) is acceptable.
> justification: power users (the assumed majority of people installing
> debian) will be spawning a shell, and may mount something anywhere on
> the RAM disk. first-time installers will be using a CDROM, so would not
> be touching ``mounted'' anyway.
> my counter-argument: unless you go outside the installer (such as
> spawning a shell), the only places something will get mounted is /target
> or /insmnt. i don't want the ``mounted'' method to overload to mean
> /target or /instmnt, and a power user will be able to escape the /target
> or /instmnt jail by using ``/..'' as a directory. this is ugly, but it
> is functional, and i don't care about making things beautiful for people
> that are doing things they should not be, anyway!
> to add even more, i was given a boxes.c patch, that allows to escape the
> /intmnt or /target jail. no trickery. this should not confuse newbies
> too much, and gives power users the chance to wander all about the RAM
> disk willy nilly. (the drawback? it gives newbies the power to easily
> escape the /target or /instmnt, either by accident or design)

Remembering me beeing a newbe some years ago, too, I liked it very much
to see the real / before me and directly seeing where things are
mounted and it made error-recovery very easily. I do not know, if I had
managed it, if I had to understand the jail and the need to use the
escape from it or even us trickery like /.. 

	Bernhard R. Link
The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve 
nor will he ever receive either. (Benjamin Franklin)

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