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2.2r4: is binary-sparc-1_NONUS.iso really an ISO image?

I want to get an install CD for a friend who has just got an old Sparc,
so I go to my nearest mirror and get binary-sparc-1_NONUS.iso I do not
have any existing ISO images or files for Sparc.

When it all arrives and I look at it, it's not an ISO image, won't
mount, won't list with isoinfo, seems to be just the files concatenated
together, and not even at 2kB boundaries.  The file size is not a
multiple of 2048. The sizes of other "ISO" images in the directory are
also not multiples of 2048.  But I try the pseudo-image update thing
anyway against another mirror.  It's identical.  I look at the file
sizes of the ISO images in the neighbouring i386 directory.  They are
multiples of 2048.

So how am I supposed to get a bootable ISO image out of this? Is this
file just a pile of useless bits? Have I just wasted 700MB of my
download quota? This file was identical in two archives so it's not
likely to be a download error.

	Thanks, Ken

PS: ls -l binary* gives

-r--r--r--    1 ken      users    643969249 Nov  9 10:05 binary-sparc-1_NONUS.iso
-rw-r--r--    2 ken      users      109115 Nov  7 13:58 binary-sparc-1_NONUS.list

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