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Re: Bug#123948: woody CD not passing 'cdrom' argument

Le Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 03:08:03AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo écrivait:
> > How do you expect us to set that argument ?
> Merely by editing the syslinux.cfg file I guess, during the build.

Yes but to do that, I need to mount the image with the loopback. And
for this you need to be root ... debian-cd works without being root
(except on sparc i think) and i don't want to loose this feature because
of this new step that can be easily done at your level.

> > I agree is a good idea), add this argument to the default syslinux
> > config in the 2.88mb image (those are always used for CDROMs AFAIK) that
> > you generate.
> Hmm, are we sure?
> I could certain setup dbootstrap to consider that when imagesize=2.88,
> that we're probably a CD-ROM.  In fact, I already have a dbootstrap
> patch locally to do this.
> I guess it's harmless...

Your change is in dbootstrap or in the build process ? I think the
latter would be better... otherwise you'll never be able to run without
the cdrom stuff while using a 2.88mb image (it may not be usual but that
may happen, for example when someone is using user mode linux or
something like that).

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