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Re: how do I burn a .raw file to CD?

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001 16:40:42 Russell L. Harris wrote:
> 	I downloaded woody-i386-1.raw from ftp.fsn.hu using a Windows98
> machine 
> which has a CD burner and Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.
> 	In the Easy CD Creator menu, I find "create CD from CD image" for
> .iso and 
> .cif files, but nothing for a .raw file.
> 	I read the CD-Writing HOWTO, but I found no instruction for
> handing .raw 
> files.
Just rename your_cd_image.raw to your_cd_image.iso and burn it !!!
I found EasyCreator didn't work with all iso images, if it doesn't work,
try Nero instead.
BUT you can efficiently burn iso, raw images with xcdroast,  .... under
Linux :-)

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