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Install manual CD/DVD

Hi debian-cd

I have corrected the info on flavors booting off the different CDs in the 
Woody Installation Manual. There may be other changes. E.g. DVDs are 
mentioned nowhere in the manual.

Would someone from debain-cd like to go through and edit the relevant parts 
of the install manual? The SGML is located at 

Claus Hindsgaul

Mandag den 10. december 2001 15:15 skrev Jim Westveer:
> CD1  default
> CD2  compact
> CD3  idepci
> CD4  udma100-ext3
> CD5  reiserfs
> CD6  default
> ..
> CDn  default
> Alternatively, CD1 can have the MULTIBOOT option  set that
> allows the bios to select from all the above kernel flavors
> upon booting CD (dvd) #1

Claus Hindsgaul
claus_h@image.dk (PGP-nøgle: http://www.image.dk/~claus_h/PGP.htm )

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