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Re: CDs with translated Package descriptions

On Sun, Dec 09, 2001 at 03:31:58AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Le Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 10:54:12PM +0100, Michael Bramer écrivait:
> >   Have someone a problme if I upload a patch to debian-cd cvs to make a 
> >   optional debian cd with one or more translated Packages files?
> Yes I have. Don't commit such a patch without posting it here first for
> approval. 
> What do you plan to do ? Replace the existing packages file or add new
> ones in a separate tree ?

only add one tree per CD. Like http://ddtp.debian.org/aptable/dists/.

This will not break any onw/with the CD, but the User can change his
sources.list after the install per Hand (add only a 'de' for German) and
after a apt-get update he has german descriptions.

I can post the patch first on this list. No problem. 

The patch will only call 
  translate2 < /PATH/TO/CD/dists/woody/main/binary-xxx/Packages \
             > /PATH/TO/CD/dists/de/woody/main/binary-xxx/Packages
in the Makefile.

Did you see a problem with this generally?

(We have some server with translated Packages files. But if the User
can't use the NET and install from CD, he can't use this all. But the
User using the CD are normal the beginners... 

I make the Debian CD for a 'big' german Debian distributor (some tausend
Boxes with guides, support etc) and the next woody box _will_ have
optional translated Packages files. 

Maybe we will get a 'standard' path on all debian woody CD for the
translated Packages with the patch and we can support better the users
in FAQs etc. IMHO will a other big german distributor also include
german translations... 

With a optional Support in debian-cd we can guide all user making a
debian CD.

I ask Wichert on the LK and with a new dpkg (maybe 2.0) with a new db in
the background it will support translated Descriptions. But this need
time and is a woody+X thing. (I hope this will throw away the translated
Packages files and we will get a better technology).

BTW: Now we can't include all translations on disk. Only one (or some)
     translations are possible. With all translations are need 100 MB
     only for the Packages and Packages.gz files. This is to big.
     (This is to big. I add a comment on the CVS version of

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