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Re: Problems controlling the content on CD one

[Richard Hirst]
> Packages will get dropped if they depend on some other pkg you don't
> have, or depend on a newer version of some pkg.  Maybe an extra
> depend got added to a pkg or something.

That might explain some of the packages missing, but not all of them.
Some of the packages we make ourselves are missing.  Most of these
packages do not depend on anything.

The following packages are now missing from the CD.  I have no idea

  php4-dev php4-ldap php4-snmp postfix pppoe qcad quanta samba slapd
  squid ssh ssystem task-skolelinux-common task-skolelinux-danish
  task-skolelinux-norwegian task-skolelinux-server
  task-skolelinux-thinclient task-skolelinux-workstation tetex-brev
  tetex-doc tuxtype unifont user-nb user-nn user-sme vim weblint wine
  wine-doc wine-utils winesetuptk www-pgsql xext xlib6g-dev xnest xpdf
  xprt xspecs xvfb yacas

Our package user-sme do not depend on anything, but disappeared from
our CD image on 2001-11-15.  Using the latest CVS version of debian-cd
did not help. :-(

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