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Re: 2.2r4 CD images

On 7 Nov 2001, Philip Hands wrote:

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> Hi,
> I've made (as yet unreleased) images for 2.2r4, and put them here:
>   rsync://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd-test/

yay..  i'm pseudo image kitting them as we speak.

> They will be moved to the normal place once I get a few reports that
> they look OK, but please don't assume that they are the release
> version (and get thousands of them pressed, say) until that happens,
> and the MD5SUMS files have been GPG signed by me.

oki doki.  should we make them available at all (with the above proviso?)

> Note that the images have the potato*.raw style names at present, so
> take appropriate measures to make sure they get rsync-ed over your
> current images, by perhaps renaming yours, or specifying both from &
> to names to rsync.

will they get renamed to .iso when they're fully "released" ?

> If you're not sure what I'm on about, you're probably better off
> waiting until they are released.

i've had a number of enquiries about this..  in terms of disk space, i'm
also wondering for how long i need to keep the 2.2_r3 images in place
once 2.2_r4 is "released".



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