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Rsync - CD Image creation

 Hi All
 I am battling creating my cd image. I have done my :
 make-pseudo-image <listfile> <server base directory>
 That went fine, however when i run: 
 rsync --verbose --progress --stats --block-size=8192 server.somewhere.org::debian-cd/2.1/i386/binary-i386-1.iso .
 I run into trouble. The actual command I run is :
 rsync -v --progress -B=8192 www.uk.debian.org::debian-cd/cd-images/2.2_rev3/i386/binary-i386-1.iso .
 I get an error :
 link_stat /cd-images/2.2_rev3/i386/binary-i386-1.iso : No such file or directory client: nothing to do
 Does this mean I am putting in the wrong path to binary-i386-1.iso, should this be pointed to the one on my machine that I have just created? 
 Theo Bierman
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