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Re: jigdo 0.5.2

BTW, two bugs crept into 0.5.2: --files-from=- doesn't work, and
"jigdo-file make-image" never assembles in one go, it needs at least

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 03:17:41PM +0100, Wookey wrote:
> On Sat 01 Sep, Richard Atterer wrote:
> > I finally got around to writing some documentation, but found it
> > very hard to describe in a nutshell what jigdo does. Do any
> > questions remain when you read the following introduction?
> >        Jigsaw Download, or short jigdo,
> you counld mention pronunciation somewhere (here?) - I presume a
> short 'i' as in jigsaw, but the o at the end is not clear. 'do' as
> in 'to do something' or 'do' as in 'doe a deer, a female deer'? Or
> perhaps the author has no opinion on the matter (this stuff doesn't
> matter until you are trying to drive apt-get via voice control :-)

Ugh, I've never pronounced the name so far. I guess I'd use a short i
and "doe". Once I'm famous, I'll record it in a .wav and upload it to
the worldwide jigdo mirror network... ;-7

> apart from that - it seems quite clear. Mentioning the .jigdo file
> earlier in the description might possibly be beneficial as I found
> my wondering 'but how?' until the end. And presumably it should say
> that this file lists which 'other servers' should be used.

OK, thanks, I've changed it a bit. (Not uploaded yet.)

> > Does anybody out there have any experience with coding
> > cross-platform GUI applications? Even if you don't want to lend me
> > a hand coding (you would be most welcome!), it would be very
> > useful if I had an expert or two who I could turn to if any
> > problems come up.
> Not personally but the Survex project (http://www.survex.com/ ) with
> which I am closely involved does and I can point you at Mark
> Shinwell for advice.

Great, thanks! I guess his mail address is somewhere on that site.
BTW, I've decided to use mingw32 for the cross-development.

> We picked wxwindows for the cross-platform GUI after consiering
> several.

I also considered that for a while; it has the advantage that it's
also available for Mac OS 9 (GTK+ is for OS X only). However,
currently I lean towards GTK+ since it is more "mainstream" and more
likely to be ported to further platforms in the future (fingers
crossed). OTOH, wxwindows builds on top of GTK+ - hmm...



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