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Pseudo-Image-Kit questions.

Hi all,
I'm attempting to use the Pseudo_Image-kit to download and build a 
local mirror and compile it into the official release CD (disk 1 only).

I have two questions that hopefully someone here can answer....

1). Once I have built the ISO can I then use this as a partial source
for the next Official CD. i,e, pull down the latest list and spec both
the local copy and http/ftp remote copy (which is only used if the file
has changed and the local one is out of date).

[It seems to me that funky stuff with rsync would resolve this stuff in
the end, but place a larger load on the rysnc server - which this system 
is supposed to avoid]

2). At present the initial download is failing with the first file
(README.non-US). I can use ncftp or ftp to log into ftp.uk.debian.org 
and see the file dist/woody/README.non-US

Log file reports:
	Logging into ftp.uk.debian.org
	*** Error: getline(): not interactive, use stdio

I'm using Potato, and pseudo-image-kit-2.0 and I'm using the list file:

Thanks for the help,
Simon Wood

PS please CC me...

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