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contents of cd #1 -- tasks

It just occured to me that with the new task system in use in woody,
there's probably nothing ensuring that all the tasks listed in tasksel
can be installed using just cd #1. That seems like a good goal to shoot
for, since many users will presumably be picking various of the tasks
when they install, and will often just have one cd.

I don't have debian-cd available to check, and am offline, but I suspect
the it pulls in the task-* packages and thus all their dependencies when
calculating what goes on cd #1. With the task packages gone, there needs
to be a new way to get the task list. Here is one way to do it. It
assumes that apt is up-to-date with whatever version of debian the cd is
being built for.

apt-cache dumpavail | grep-dctrl - -F Task -s Package | sed s/Package:\ //

That lists 153 packages right now. The revamped task system is pretty
focused and not too bloated, and probably pulls in mostly stuff that is
already sufficiently popular and good to be on cd #1 already. I hope they 
can all fit on the first cd along with the other stuff that belongs there.

see shy jo

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