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New extra CDs for potato


My friend, PASZTOR Gyorgy have made two nice addition/upgrade cd for
the Official Debian Potato. It contains new X4.1, Gnome, KDE, Postgres,
Kernel 2.4.6-9, vorbis, sfs, and lot of other goodies.

The webpage of the machine which is used for this (he isn't a debian
developer) is http://debian.fsn.hu/

The ftp.fsn.hu also mirrored it and put it to the CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial
directory, so the mirrors of this part will also serve the two image:

The machine which was used for such a lot compile, moves, etc. are a Pentium
MMX 200 with a slow onboard disk controller and with quite few memory. So if
any of you (or any of yours employee) can send some hardware/money for
the other projects we are working on (for example a pentium optimized
potato/woody/sid) will be great.

Thanks for the time to read this mail, we hope that you will be happy with our 2 CD,

Project Coordinator


RISKO Gergely
Debian.fsn.hu system administrator/Debian Developer

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