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Copies of software for XP release...

To whom it may concern:

      My friends and I would like your help.  We are requesting
approximately 100 copies of the Debian Linux distribution for the PC and 50 copies for the PPC for the purpose of handing them out at local computer retailers (i.e. CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) in the Indianapolis area on the scheduled release date for Microsoft's Windows XP. This will be beneficial to many people: Debian, because this will increase technical support sales and broaden your future customer base, the customers, because they will be using a superior OS and will be "Blue-Screen-of-Death"-free, and the Linux community, because it will increase the less wide-spread and prevalent use of Linux OS for the the desktop. Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.

                     Damian Profancik
                     1651 S. 500 W.
                     New Palestine, IN 46163
                     (317) 861-5233

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