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Re: How do I create a Packages file?

Le Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 03:43:36PM -0400, Justin F. Knotzke écrivait:
> 	make status
> 	make bootable (which BTW always returns this error:) 
> 	mkdir: cannot create directory
> 	`/mirror/tmp/potato-i386/CD1/doc/FAQ/html': File exists
> 	tar (child): ../debian-faq.html.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or
> 	directory
> 	rm -rf /mirror/tmp/potato-i386/CD1/doc/install
> 	Followed by another "make bootable"
> 	..which works
> 	Followed by a: 
> 	make list COMPLETE=1
> 	make images

Usually, make list is done before make bootable ... (follow the
instructions). Errors should not be ignored. You'd better gave a complete
potato mirror (with the doc, tools and other directories).

I suggest :
$ . CONF.sh
$ make status
$ make list COMPLETE=1
$ make official_images

Which version of debian-cd are you using ?

> 	j2sdk1.3_1.3.0-2_i386
> 	mysql-server_3.22.32-6
> 	rocketpci422_1.23.0-1_i386

Strange package name ... version and arch are not part of the package
name. Packages in the local directory that are also present in
the main distribution will only be included if their version number is
greater than the one in main.

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