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Re: How do I create a Packages file?

Le Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 01:54:12PM -0400, Justin F. Knotzke écrivait:
> 	I never seem to get a second CD. 

Then you probably don't use COMPLETE=1 because otherwise you'd get a
second CD. That probably also means that your local packages are not
listed in the tasks (or the default task) and are thus not included.

If you want me to help you any further, you must tell me how you
have done everything ... and you must make sure that between each try you
clean everything with make distclean.

> 	I seem to get: Ign file: potato/local Release
> During the make process. Any ideas why I would be getting this?

Because you don't have a Release file for this directory, but that doesn't
and it is simply ignored (Ign), it doesn't do anything bad.

> 	How do I specify this?

$ vim tasks/Debian_potato

or simply create another file based on the Debian_potato file and use
the TASK=tasks/myfile parameter.

This is all explained in the README. Please read it.

> 	The log.list2cds doesn't ever appear to mention my packages except
> in stating:
> 	Dependency tree of `commapi' ...
> 	Where "commapi" is one my packages..

Great, that means that you're package is effectively listed by apt but is
not included otherwise you'd get a line stating that it has been included. 

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