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Re: Woody unofficial CDROMs and booting with Grub

On Sat, Jul 28, 2001 at 12:00:15PM +0200, Michele Dalla Silvestra wrote:

> Is possible to move Grub from the 2nd CD to the 1st? And to use it in the
> installation instead of LILO?

moving it to CD 1 is not enough, it would have to be in the base
system.  probably too late for that.

> The installation of Grub should be simple (one command line to install), and
> for make the configuration file is possible to use grubconfig, made by
> Francesco Tapparo:
> http://master.debian.org/~cesco/

Adam already decided no grub for woody boot-floppies, they shall use

lilo gets the job done, there is little if any compelling reason to go
about changing it this late in the game. and take my word for it, even
small changes in boot-floppies can and often do create headaches and

Ethan Benson

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