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Re: http://cdimage.debian.org/ch11.html

hi patrick,

> The above page says that all I have to do is "download this directory",
> so where do I put it? What is the procedure to install over ftp?

it's very easy (maybe the document is written too complicated)
you don't really have to download that whole directory. if you are on a
network and have a quite common NIC you also can just download the kernel
in the compact directory (subdirectory of the URL you gave) and "root.bin"
, make two floppies with these two files and boot. then you just have to
enter the FTP-URL were you want to fetch the packages from.

if you are not on a network and don't have a usual NIC, you have to make
floppies from rescue.bin root.bin, all the drivers-images and all the
base-images. i think something like 17 floppies.

hope this helps


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