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Re: Non-US or \"without Non-US\"?

On Sun, 8 Jul 2001 10:58:28 +0800
"Lamer" <perlamer@netfront.net> wrote:

> my suggestion is
> binary-i386.iso (w/NON-US progees)
> binary-i386-us-exportable.iso (w/o NON-US progees)
> i think that the population outside US is bigger than US, moreover, we
> should consider US's policy as a kind of huh, exception policy, so that we
> can probably make 'US' exception and not 'non-US' exception.

Well, its not just the US that has restrictions on exporting software, lots of countries have various restrictions on crypto, deCSS or mp3enc type software, so i dont think the name "US" belongs in there.

As far as individual packages goes its more effecient for the servers to have a common subset of packages that can be served from anywhere, then an extra bit that can added can be served from the subset of servers that it is allowed to be, so the "bad" stuff still needs to be able to be isolated.

With ISO's i think your names make sense.


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