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The "Couldn't download saga" continues :)


Yesterday I made installable and usable woody images from the actual
mirror. Today I prepared to make a "final" version and saw the new boot
floppies which reflect the version change from 2.3 to 3.0.

I though everything will be fine (now I have a modified add_secured, with
an exit 0 after if made the Release file), but not. The installer halts
with Couldn't download pppoe...

I think syncing the tasks/base-woody would be a great idea, it solved the
above problem for me.

BTW, data/woody/README.html.in should also be changed, because woody is
(will be sometimes >;-) 3.0, not 2.3.

Could somebody commit these changes into the repo?

Attila Nagy                                    e-mail:  Attila.Nagy@fsn.hu
Budapest Polytechnic (BMF.HU)                   @work: +361 210 1415 (194)
H-1084 Budapest, Tavaszmezo u. 15-17.           cell.: +3630 306 6758

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