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Re: Debian DVDs

On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, Bernd Hentig wrote:

> Yes, this is the situation in most European countries as well.
> 64 KBit or 128 KBit with ISDN is the maximum speed here.
> DSL is only available at high costs or in big cities to a limited
> number of people, so yes, right now a DVD-R would solve big problems
> for many people.

Fortunately not all European conutries.

> > > How odd... when I went shopping yesterday for a replacement
> > > for my trusty old slink cdrom, all I found were 3-cd sets!
> > > All I want is enough to get to networking.

The first CD in the sets are nicely bootable and worked fine to do a
install from. This is how I installed my computer at home half a year ago
or so, burned the binary-i386-1.iso and booted from that. Then I installed
unstable on it. (It is a home machine, not a production machine. :) )

> > Try the compact floppies. Only three disks.
> Yes indeed, you won't even need a CD drive.

Well, you need a floppy drive. My machine might be a bit special since I
built it myself from parts, but I still have a CD drive and no floppy.

> Maybe a diskless installation of the deb boot image via the network card's
> PROM would be optimal, then you could get rid of the floppy drive as well and
> just needed a MB/CPU/RAM, networking and VGA card.

Yeah, that would be ideal. Especially for the non-pc architectures, where
netbooting is the normal way of (re)installing a machine, and has been
around for a long time. (I'm thinking of sparc, hppa and so.)

/Mattias Wadenstein

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