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Re: Debian DVDs

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On Wed, 4 Jul 2001 09:04, Ian Eure wrote:
> On 3 Jul 2001, Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo wrote:
> > Tony Godshall <tg@of.net> writes:
> > > How about the opposite extreme of a release DVD: A release-
> > > agnostic CD that runs right off the CD, lets you enter a
> > > distrib mirror site and your chosen distrib and then runs a
> > > network-based install of stable, testing or unstable straight
> > > off the net (via ramdisk perhaps).
> >
> > That's actually a pretty cool idea, for those places where a net
> > install makes sense. Could even be one of those credit card CD
> > thingies: keep it in your wallet, just in case. ;)
> except it's already been done. http://www.markybob.com/elf has a debian
> 2.2r3 "netinst" cd image, which is a 33mb iso with just the base debian
> system and no other packages.

Have a look at the LinuxCare Bootable Buisness card. 

Whilst being a great diagnostic tool, it even lets you do a Debian install.

We all received a copy at linux.conf.au, earlier this year and it has been 
sitting in my wallet ever since...

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Title: Linuxcare Bootable Business Card
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Bootable Business Card

The Linuxcare BBC is a complete miniature Linux system on a bootable CD, cut to the size and shape of a business card. It should work in almost any PC-compatible machine capable of booting CD-ROMs. Once booted, it provides over 100M of software, including a full complement of recovery and rescue software. It also provides perl, X Windows, mozilla, pilotlink, support for wireless networking, and a lot more.

If you are the leader of a Linux User Group and would like to request copies of the BBC for your LUG, please complete the Linuxcare Community Request Form. Due to high demand, we unfortunately are unable to send our BBC to individuals. Our BBC's are not available for sale.

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