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Re: base*.tgz is gone, and why it's gone


> Yes, but the other people don't remove stuff from the Makefile, in
> particular they leave the "secured" stuff which apart from setting up
> the secured tree, does also correct the Release file ...
I see.

> Just put again the secured stuff in the Makefile. If you really wanna
> get rid off the secured tree, remove it manually before launching make
> images (ie run manually make bootable and make upgrade before and just
> after remove the secured tree from the temp trees).
I think I will move the related parts from add_secured to scanpackages,
because it seems that's the correct place for this task (add_secured
doesn't do anything with the Release file outside -secured, so I don't
know why this code snippet is there).

> But you'd better pester Jason Gunthorpe so that apt actually get fixed
> rapidly (before base freeze ...) !
That's his problem, not mine :)

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