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Re: Debian DVDs

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 03:37:07PM +0300, Eray Ozkural wrote:
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> I recall having suggested this before, but would not it be convenient to have 
> the new woody release on bootable DVD-ROM as an alternative distribution 
> method with the size of Debian sky-rocketing?
> When I read the /. piece about BSD distribution on DVD, I thought it would be 
> a nifty way to go for us, too. Perhaps this was not feasible when potato was 
> released (explaining why nobody really proposed to do it IIRC) but with 
> DVD-ROM's being so widely used it should be now.

The problem is the mastering of DVD-R's. Generating a bootable UDF image is
not really trivial but solveable.  But how to master the DVD?  CD-R writer
are common but DVD-R writers are scarce and expensive.

But you are essentially right: if Debian were to offer a ready-to-master
image some reseller might be inclinded to order 1000 (which i  believe is the
minimum order) from a commercial mastering company.

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