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Re: Mirrors, it is nice, but after a week no one is up to date

Ok, so for guys waiting for ISO images, it would be great to have a simple script to create them.

I mean a script that provides the list of files/trees, and the (I guess) mkisofs command with appropriate parameters and associated files to build automagically the ISO image.

This way, at the moment when the distribution is made, it is 5 minutes to create the new ISO image...



At 00:53 22/04/2001 +0200, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>So sprach Laurent LEVIER am Sat, Apr 21, 2001 at 08:02:27PM +0200:
>> Gentlemen,
>> You should really consider being more opened for Debian downloads...
>> The 2.2rev3 is not available on ANY of the listed sites, whatever the format is.
>Uh?  The ISO images aren't available, that's for sure.  But the individual
>packages are.  For example, ftp.debian.org has it ->
>When will the ISO images (or even just the .list files....) be available?
>Alexander Skwar
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