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Re: Unofficial Debian SID CDs

On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Attila Nagy wrote:

> Hello,
> > I wonder a bit if some of the bigger linux supporters (IBM springs to
> > mind) can't be convinced to donate some disk to these important
> > services.
> These companies donate stuff only for big sites, not for small ones like
> mine (ours?)...

Most of them don't, most of the time. Which is kind of silly, setting up a
disk pool or something, that nice sites like yours (ours?) could ask for
storage from. It would be a fairly low cost operation, and enable more
mirrors/sites to stay around and have more content.

But anyway, keep on asking. Just because you are most likely to get a no,
doesn't mean you will always get a no. But if you never ask, you will
never get anything.

But a smaller, local sponsor would probably be easier to convince, if you
can find them.

/Mattias Wadenstein - with some general rants

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