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Re: Woody is online again!

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Attila Nagy wrote:

> > `woody-i386-3.raw' at 62695764 (9%) 17.3K/s eta:8h43m [Receiving data]
> > This also means it will take some more time than expected to get the
> > mirror up and running. My new guess is tomorrow. :)
> Good news: the machine will move to the new location on thursday. I hope
> it will be faster :)

lftp ftp.fsn.hu:/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial> mget *
-272854122 bytes transferred in 155160 seconds
Total 15 files transferred

The average speed would then have been 25 K/s.

With an additional rsync and checking of md5sums done, we have a full
mirror up and running now.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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