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Re: Woody is online again!

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Attila Nagy wrote:

> > We will rsync them early on monday then. If you don't have any
> > objections to a mirror that is. :)
> You can rsync every morning :)

Hehe, we'll add that then.

> > Btw ftp.fsn.hu is alot slower these days, only around 30-50K/s unlike
> > the 300K/s of a year ago or so. Perhaps a mirror for this will put a
> > bit less load on it?
> ftp.fsn.hu is on the hungarian academic network (HBONE, operated by IIF)
> which has good connections to the outside world (STM-1 to Europe and a
> smaller connection to the US).
> Due to the enormous traffic (nearly 10 terabytes per month) they have set
> the switch port to 10 Mbps (quite good decision! :( so the site is very
> slow at this time.

Well, we are on the swedish university network (SUNET), which also runs
ftp.sunet.se. That one has managed close to 7TB for one week (
http://ftp.sunet.se/statistik/ ). I don't think there would be any
problems even if we managed to fill that fast ethernet interface up (which
our current server can't do, it is too slow CPU-wise).

`woody-i386-3.raw' at 62695764 (9%) 17.3K/s eta:8h43m [Receiving data]

This also means it will take some more time than expected to get the
mirror up and running. My new guess is tomorrow. :)

> I am currently before a move to a commercial ISP who has donated
> an unlimited connection to the internet with a FastEthernet connection to
> their switch and maybe a GigaEthernet in the future (that would be very
> good, although I have no funds to buy a GE card, and operating the server
> is also from my salary :).
> So it seems the site will be as fast as it was in few weeks.

Hope it works out for you. Until then you could try and redirect some
traffic to us for the debian part anyway. :)

> Sorry for the above, in Hungary it seems a public, free software FTP site
> is not a good business :)

Is it ever? :)

It is a nice service to the world though.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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