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Re: Woody is online again!

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Attila Nagy wrote:

> Hello,
> After a short pause in the production of the fsn.hu Woody unofficial CDs
> I restarted the process this weekend.

And now we have started to mirror them, the mirror should be up and
running tomorrow.

rsync:  ftp.se.debian.org::pub/cd-images/debian-unofficial/

> The set will be upgraded every Sunday at around 16-17h CET (European
> meantime), so it is advised to not download from the archive on weekends,
> because you will have inconsistent files.

We will rsync them early on monday then. If you don't have any objections
to a mirror that is. :)

Btw ftp.fsn.hu is alot slower these days, only around 30-50K/s unlike the
300K/s of a year ago or so. Perhaps a mirror for this will put a bit less
load on it?

> If somebody wants to test these images he/she can use rsync to upgrade the
> local copies every week, so it won't eat up all his/her bandwidth.

The bandwidth problem is on your side. ;)

Btw, regarding the rsync-mirrors.html: the rsync-debcd.acc.umu.se isn't
faster anymore, but it won't go away. (Same machine as ftp.se.debian.org
now.) But we might use that if we would ever put up a front-end machine
for rsync again.

/Mattias Wadenstein - admin of ftp.se.debian.org (aka ftp.acc.umu.se)

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