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More Debian CD mirrors!

I was going to email about this last week, but I had some problems with the
backups, so I forgot.  Anyways, we're running a full debian-cd mirror
alongside the debian general and incoming mirrors at debian.uchicago.edu in
/debian-cd/stable/official. Access is available via ftp, web, and rsync.  We
currently mirror the official cds off of cdimage.debian.org and build a full
set of unofficial cds every night using debian-cd.  (This is what the backup
system fubared)  I'm working on getting debian-cd to build nightly sid and
woody images, but I've been having some problems with debian-cd's looking for
the boot images in potato since woody and sid don't have any.  Regardless,
it's a good fast server, and should probably be in the main list.  :)  Enjoy!

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