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Re: regarding potato images

On 11-Jan-2001 Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Robert Guthrie <rguthrie@pobox.com> writes:
>> Forgive my ignorance, but I just had to de-lurk to ask this probably silly 
>> question:
>> Can't you have multiple kernel images on the same cd, chosen via lilo (or 
>> whatever boot loader is being used) just like when you have mulitple kernel 
>> versions on you computer?
> It is based on the El Torito boot standard -- I don't think this is
> doable, partly in part due to boot-floppies itself.  But even so, you
> couldn't fit 4 kernels and the root.bin on a 2.8MB disk iamge.
> But I defer the debian-cd folks.  I don't know all that much about it.

El-Torito (ref: www.phoenix.com/products/specs-cdrom.pdf or others)
is really just a floppy boot image of either 1.44M or 2.88M.  
That is why the boot-disk images are EXACTLY 1.44M or 2.88M in
size, so they can just be copied to the boot1 area, and
used "as-is" to make a CD/ROM boot.

You may want to look at the debian-cd boot code from the
CVS sources ( in tools/boot/potato/boot-i386 ) and see
if you can hack it to support multiple images on the same CD.


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