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Re: mkisofs

On Tuesday 02 January 2001 22:48, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 02:49:48PM +0000, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> >Can somebody  indicate what excatly must the command line be to copy the
> >contents of a cd to some file and store it as iso image?
> >I tried different options to do it, but the md5sum didn't match
> >afterwards. Something like the internal commandfor xcdroast perhaps,
> >since it has worked in the same case?
> dd is your friend:
> dd if=<cd device> of=filename.iso

Not so if you're trying to duplicate a multitrack CD  (correct me if  I'm 
wrong). I'm been trying out "readcd", available in the the mkisofs/cdrecord 
package. So far I've been able to copy only the first and last track off a 
multitrack CD. Does anybody have any idea how to use readcd or some other 
tool to do a multitrack CD copy, say, by specifying a random track number (1, 
2, 3, etc.)?

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