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Re: Potato and Woody CD builds

On Mon, 1 Jan 2001 paulwade@greenbush.com wrote:

> On Sun, 31 Dec 2000, Philip Charles wrote:
> > I took a good look at the CD trees.
> > 
> > Potato binary.  No change as there is nothing in pool yet.
> > Potato source.  The source that lives in pool ends up in ../main/source/
> > 		on the CDs.  The files are listed in Sources.gz on the CD.
> > 
> > Woody binary.	Packages in potato and pool end up on the CDs each with
> > 		their own files system ie ../potato/ and ../pool/
> > 		However, these packages are _not_ included in Packages on
> > 		the CDs.  Neither are they included in ?.Packages used in
> > 		the CD build, but they are found in ?.packages.
> > Woody source.	The source that lives in pool ends up in ../main/source/
> > 		on the CDs and is included in Sources.gz.  However, the
> > 		source that lives in potato has its own potato file system
> > 		and is _not_ included in Sources.gz.  Neither are they
> > 		found in ?.sources or ?.sources.main used in the CD build. 
> > 		But, files in pool are included in these lists.
> > 
> > IMHO the major problem is the building of the Packages and Sources files
> > for the CDs.
> > 
> > I included both non-free and non-US in the build.
> Same here.
> > Binary-386 CD4 has 262 MB on it.
> > Source CD5 has 29 MB on it.
> > 	These are the sizes of the disc trees and not the iso images.
> 521400320 Jan  1 14:41 woody-i386-4.raw
> 52293632 Jan  1 14:53 woody-src-5.raw
> > The Sid build comes in the category of the Hurd build, I have yet to
> > summon up the courage to do it.  May be in the next Millennium.
> Which of us got into the millenium first? I am in Maine US.
> 502738944 Jan  1 13:39 sid-i386-5.raw
> 129472512 Jan  1 13:59 sid-src-6.raw
> Note that both woody and sid were built using the disks-i386 from potato.
> I got the same results with things in pool. So it looks like we need some
> changes to debian-cd if binaries in pool are going to be installed by
> dselect or apt. I'm not exactly sure how dpkg-scanpackages can be told to
> create a Packages file when we don't have those symlinks in the
> directories being scanned. Maybe the archive maintainers can tell us how
> it's done and whether the version in potato will work for this.

Same with sources.  I rechecked the source CD trees and they are even
more messy.

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