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Re: New CD image creation tool

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Richard Atterer wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 03:36:52PM +0100, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> [image template]
> > > Yes, I also considered making it human-readable somehow - but with all
> > > the literal data, it would look extremely messy even if you uu-encoded
> > > that. In fact, that's what in the end led me to split up the
> > > information into two parts; one binary part and one readable part
> > > containing the info on where to get the packages. (At first, I wanted
> > > to put everything into one file.)
> > 
> > Okay. But then I'd suggest cutting it a little more to the left (or
> > whatever side ;-), namely that only the literal binary data is in
> > one file, and the "CD creating recipe" along with all other
> > human-readable data in another file (or maybe even two/three files). 
> > Besides readability it would also allow "cooking" the CD image with
> > a shell script (parsing with "read", creating with "cat >> .iso" and
> > "tail -c +N | head -c M >> .iso"; okay, crude and inefficient, but
> > should work).
> Hm, why would you want to use a shell script when I'm planning to
> write a full-blown program to do it? It would have the advantage that
> one can use it while the "proper" thing is not yet ready, but beyond
> that...?

That's the point exactly. But I guess there'll always be some systems that
can't run your full-blown program (say, some old *UX systems), and having some
alternative wouldn't hurt then.

> > > I don't like it, either - hmm... maybe "image template" sounds better? 
> > > While we're at it, I'll call the human-readable file "location list"
> > > from now on, until someone comes up with something better. ;)
> > 
> > How about the concept of "cooking" a CD image? We have "special
> > ingredients" (i.e. the literal binary data), a "recipe" (image
> > template) and a "grocery list" of places (i.e. FTP/HTTP sites) where
> > to get the "standard ingredients". Should be understandable even to
> > people who didn't ever touch a computer before ;-)
> LOL. "Baked Potato 2.2 rev35", eh? :-)

"Welcome to DAKS, the Debian Automated Kitchen System -- Java edition"  ;-)

(Or DACS, for Cooking or Cooker)

Regards, happy coding and merry Christmas,

  Anne Bezemer

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