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Re: sparc iso images

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, SteveC wrote:

> I spent a good few hours this morning tring to build a sparc iso. I was
> just wondering that while most ftp servers won't let you get an iso, isn't

there are a few that will.  i believe the accepted method of getting an ISO
is (currently):

o get the pseudo image kit.
o use it to create a local image (which fetches files via http or ftp)
o rsync your locally produced image against the "authoritative" one at a
  mirror site (preferable) or cdimage.debian.

> it possible to just rsync an empty file with an image, and rsync will just
> get the image? This is what I apparently did by mistake. Or, just create a
> file the same length and rsync that.

i don't quite understand what you're trying to achieve here.. you don't need
a local file, empty or otherwise, to use rsync to fetch files.  if you don't
have the file and use rsync, it will fetch 650M just as ftp would.

the advantage to rsync is if you DO have a local 650M file that is almost
completely the same file, rsync will only fetch the differences, saving time
and bandwidth.

> dunno if you can fix that, if it is possible. But otherwise its just
> grabbing the whole thing like ftp, but I guess you kneed to know a little
> more...

exactly.. this is where the pseudo image kit preference comes in from.

IMHO, with more users in australia on high speed networks, e.g cable/adsl,
i get more people wanting to simply get the ISO images and not bother with
the overhead of the PIK.  especially if they are first time linux users.


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