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Re: Package organization on CDs

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> Interesting. That would mean apt-cdrom gets an ls -lR of the CD and checks
> which files match the Filename: fields (and probably also Size:). That's
> already implemented? (Some people might want to try it out)

No, it gets a Package file and ensures it lists only the packages on the
CD. Right now doing this will pringt an ominous warning, but it will work
> And at what time would that signature be checked (if at all)? I guess that
> would require gpg and debian-keyring to be installed.

apt-cdrom would do it.

> On the other hand, this would mean the final good-bye to the `cdrom' and 
> `multi-cd' (and obscure `multi-cd2') access methods for dselect. Anyone having
> a problem with that? (Should of course be documented clearly.)

They could retain their magic Packages.cd files if necessary.

> Summarizing the discussion: we want (need) pool/ on the CDs exactly as on the
> appear in the Packages files of the main archive (and mkdir -p `dirname
> $FILENAME` first to create the necessary directories). 

And you must use all the files AS IS - no changes to the Packages,
Release, etc etc.

At least that is the thought, I'm sure AJ will mention more details


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