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Re: Package organization on CDs [was Re: Packages files references packages in pool instead of binary-... location]


> Thus far the .deb package organization on the CDs has reflected the
> situation in the main archive -- which was the logical choice. However
> now that we're going to have package pools, we might want to
> reconsider this. Currently section-based ordering is used, so there's
> for example binary-i386/admin/ through binary-i386/x11/. But,
> following the pool model, there could also be binary-i386/a/ through
> binary-i386/z/, and in those directories either all packages starting
> with that letter (with "special" lib* handling) or subdirectories
> based on source package name (most of which would only contain one
> single file).
Could somebody enlighten me what was wrong with the old "model" of
handling packages in directories?

Why was the pool model necessary?

I'm just wondering, not flaming :)
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