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Re: Package organization on CDs [was Re: Packages files references packages in pool instead of binary-... location]

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> Thus far the .deb package organization on the CDs has reflected the situation
> in the main archive -- which was the logical choice. However now that we're
> going to have package pools, we might want to reconsider this. Currently
> section-based ordering is used, so there's for example binary-i386/admin/
> through binary-i386/x11/. But, following the pool model, there could also be
> binary-i386/a/ through binary-i386/z/, and in those directories either all
> packages starting with that letter (with "special" lib* handling) or
> subdirectories based on source package name (most of which would only contain
> one single file).

The choice for the CDs must exactly match the layout of the main archive.
You could have links from pool to some other place, but that seems to be
of limited value IMHO.

This is so that package files from the main archive can be used without
any modification (yes, even without eliminating missing packages from this
disc) which will be necessary for the signed package file scheme..


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