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Re: mirror admins.. why you want to use make-pseudo-image..

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Robert Guthrie wrote:

> Or better yet, a script that automatically downloads the latest .list files, 

Anyone wanting to download multiple CDs on a regular basis should consider
him/herself a mirror and check the things hidden behind the fourth choice at

> and a config file with a commented out list of sites to use.  Then you just 
> have to delete the comment for a site you prefer (or add on yourself if you 
> have a better one not listed), and bam!  You're making your images.
> Making the pseudo-image kit more convenient would encourage more 
> bandwidth-rich people to use it, and presumably would benefit anyone 
> supplying the data.

Tcl/Tk is available on cygwin, so it should be possible to have a portable
graphical front-end for the Kit to be used by lazy people. But since I don't
have any experience in writing graphical things and/or using Tcl/Tk (and don't
plan to get that experience anytime soon), there won't be such a thing unless
someone else writes it. I think the main problem would be interfacing with the
shell scripts and executables like rsync (capturing and processing their
output), but I wouldn't mind anyone adapting things for that purpose, or even
writing something better entirely from scratch. The concept of using .list
files to create a pseudo-image is very simple and there are endless
possibilities to implement it. I consider the Kit in its current form to be
just an example implementation; you could write an ftp/http retreiver in C,
add relevant bits of rsync and a simple textmode menu, and you'd probably have
something more efficent and usable that what's available now. I'd be delighted
to hear about such things ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

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