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out-of-date package list?


	This is just a quick note to point out what may or may not be a problem.  

	I just used the pseudo-image kit to download an i386 Potato CD image.  Per
instructions in the README file in the kit, I downloaded the package list
from http://www.uk.debian.org/debian-cd/cd-images .  However, when
downloading the packages, I noticed a large number of "file not found"
errors.  Checking the download log against the directory of the package
server, it appears that the package list is out of date.  

	I then used rsync to verify & update the pseudo image, but it took in
excess of two hours over a 500 kbps DSL line, with what seemed like much
more than the 6 Mbyte of data transfer that the documentation says is
normal.  (Nowhere in the documentation did I notice an estimate of the time
rsync would spend connected to the CD-image server.)  The checksum of the
.iso image agrees with the value posted on the Debian web site.  

	I burned the resulting .iso image to a CD, and the CD appears to install
properly (but I have not yet done a full installation with it).  


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