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Debian 2.2R2 Update

Firstly, please respond to me personally, since I am not on any Debian
lists currently, as I was in the past...

I was wondering something...I have Debian 2.2R0 CD's and I obviously want
2.2R2.  Is there a way to get a CD image of only the changed packages
since 2.2R0, that I can use with apt to update my systems without having
to make three entirely new CDs?

I have had considerable trouble with the pseudo-image kit in the past, on
the topic of missing files, so I prefer a complete ISO image that I can
download, burn and go.  

I realize that FTP places a burden on your mirrors, so I'm willing to try
again with the image kit, if someone could have the time to elaborate how
it would be done.

A sort of incremental update would be much better since I would not have
to manufacture another set of CD's.  

Thanks in advance,

 Tim Duchene <merlin@www.kewlness.net>

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