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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Joao Luiz de Brito Macaiba wrote:

> 	Following the pseudo-image kit instructions I have already burned
> binary-i386-1 CD.
> 	Now I'm trying to burn the second and the third CDs. The problem
> is :
> 	When trying to make the 'pseudo-image' I just can not get any
> package. All I get are warnings ...
> 	I have tried the ftp mirror I used to make the first CD
> pseudo-image and (many) others mirrors, but I just can not build the
> pseudo-image. 
> 	I noticed the paths are correct. The packages exist and are
> there, but I can not take them.

Huh? Make sure you've entered the FTP-location correctly; the longer the name,
the higher the probability of a typo. Also take a look at the pseudo-image.log
file, it might contain some clues.

And if you can't get FTP going, try HTTP instead. It's only a little less
efficient but known to work in most strange situations. (It might be that your
ISP suddenly decided to block "active" FTP connections; in that case
http://lists.debian.org/debian-cd-0010/msg00026.html might be helpful.) 

Finally, if you can get _some_ packages but not others, that could be due to
the FTP sites being somewhere between 2.2rev0 and 2.2rev2 at this moment,
which means that several files `needed' for the CD images have disappeared.
Even though your report does seem to exclude this in your case, it might be
helpful to other readers of this list ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

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