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Re: make mirrorcheck without contrib?

On Sunday 26 November 2000 20:00, Philip Charles wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Nov 2000, Max Moritz Sievers wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I want to burn just Debian GNU/Linux Potato main i386 US + NonUS so I
> > didn't download contrib. I think I set up the CONF.sh right but when
> > I try to "make mirrorcheck" I get the following errors:
> > I wonder where I can configure that I don't want contrib because
> > neither in CONF.sh nor in Makefile is even the word "contrib".
> Try commenting out "make mirrorcheck" in CONF.sh to start with.  You
> should get some sort of CD if you do this.

There is no "make mirrorcheck" in CONF.sh.

Max Moritz Sievers
# The debian-cd dir
export BASEDIR=/usr/share/debian-cd

# Building potato cd set ...
export CODENAME=potato

# Version number, "2.2 r0", "2.2 r1" etc.
export DEBVERSION="2.2 r1"

# Official or non-official set.
# ON THE OFFICIAL DEBIAN CD WEBSITE http://cdimage.debian.org
export OFFICIAL="Unofficial"
#export OFFICIAL="Official"
#export OFFICIAL="Official Beta"

# ... for arch  
export ARCH=`dpkg --print-installation-architecture`

# IMPORTANT : The 4 following paths must be on the same partition/device.
#	      If they aren't then you must set COPYLINK below to 1. This
#	      takes a lot of extra room to create the sandbox for the ISO
#	      images, however. Also, if you are using an NFS partition for
#	      some part of this, you must use this option.
# Paths to the mirrors
export MIRROR=/home/max/ftp/debian

# Comment the following line if you don't have/want non-US
export NONUS=/home/max/ftp/debian-non-US

# And this option will make you 2 copies of CD1 - one with all the
# non-US packages on it, one with none. Useful if you're likely to
# need both.

# Path of the temporary directory
export TDIR=/home/max/ftp/tmp

# Path where the images will be written
export OUT=/home/max/ftp/debian-cd

# Where we keep the temporary apt stuff.
# This cannot reside on an NFS mount.
export APTTMP=/home/max/ftp/tmp/apt

# Do I want to have NONFREE merged in the CD set
# export NONFREE=1

# Do I want to have NONFREE on a separate CD (the last CD of the CD set)
# WARNING: Don't use NONFREE and EXTRANONFREE at the same time !

# If you have a $MIRROR/dists/$CODENAME/local/binary-$ARCH dir with 
# local packages that you want to put on the CD set then
# uncomment the following line 
# export LOCAL=1

# If your local packages are not under $MIRROR, but somewhere else, 
# you can uncomment this line and edit to to point to a directory
# containing dists/$CODENAME/local/binary-$ARCH
export LOCALDEBS=/home/max/ftp/tdyc/debian

# Sparc only : bootdir (location of cd.b and second.b)
# export BOOTDIR=/boot

# Symlink farmers should uncomment this line :
# export SYMLINK=1

# Use this to force copying the files instead of symlinking or hardlinking
# them. This is useful if your destination directories are on a different
# partition than your source files.
# export COPYLINK=1

# Options
export MKISOFS=/usr/bin/mkhybrid
export MKISOFS_OPTS="-a -r -T"	#For normal users
# export MKISOFS_OPTS="-a -r -F . -T"	#For symlink farmers

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