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Re: debian cd covers

bh@agl.ucl.ac.be wrote:


I 've enjoyed your beautiful cd covers for Debian.
Thank you :-)

I'm not a Gimp expert but a would like to change the text on the cover 'Potato' in 'Woody'.
Can you help me?
You should not need to be an expert (I'm not)

If you open the file in the gimp and activate the layers dialog,
you should see a lot of layers. Some are text-layers representing
the different text strings around the picture.
Select the one you need, and select the text-tool and click
the text. Now you can change the text as you please.

If the image looks wrong when loaded into the Gimp, you are
probably missing the fonts I've used (I've only used standard
fonts included in the debian distribution).

good luck.

to the list-users: check http://buus.net/mads/cdart/
to see what we're talking about.

You should clearly state that you image is *NOT*
a official Debian image, if you're building from

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