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Re: siteROCK Debian-CD patches for Credit Card size CDs

On 19 Nov 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> What's the disposition of the siteROCK patches?  Is the debian-cd
> group planning/hoping to apply them?  It seems to me that the
> debian-boot and debian-cd teams need to sync up on this one.

The patches are a by product of my developmente of a "Telemetry Box
Distribution" at siteROCK. The aim is to provide a plug and play solution
for a monitoring system.

The patches need cleanups in many areas. Take what you want. I'd be glad
for anything that gets into the main distribution. I hope to be able to
spend some time in a couple of months to clean things up.

There are also a lot of debian packages that I have not introduced into
Debian at http://openrock.net/tb/local. I'd be glad if someone went
through them and take care of their proper introduction to Debian main.

Many of those packages have special modifications for the telemetry

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