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Re: cvs commit messages

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> I think we need to get cvs commit messages from
> debian-boot/debian-installer cvs flowing to this mailing list (or some
> other list) again. I'm particularly interested in debian-installer
> commit of course; Aj and Randolph are hacking away on cdebconf and I
> want to keep up..

Ok, I fixed it, using the scripts and invokation methods from webwml.
Mail regarding debian-cd is sent to the the debian-cd list.  Mail
regarding CVSROOT is sent to me.  All the rest comes to the list.

> So the log_accum stuff is nice when it works, but it's also broken. Can't
> we just use something like this in loginfo:
> debian-installer mail -s "CVS Commit of %s" debian-boot@lists.debian.org

> Yes, it's not as nice as log_accum; but I've found it doesn't really
> produce _too_ many redundant messages. It's usable.

Well, as I said, I did enable a modified log_accum; I hope it doesn't
have the security problems which caused us to disable this before.

> Maybe we don't want it going direct to -boot.

Right now it is.  We can change that but it would require creation of
a new list.  I think having peopel setup filtering on their own is
probably more appropriate.

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