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debian-cd ready for 2.2 rev1? [was Re: [Patch] Problem with new binary-all structure]

On Thu, 2 Nov 100, Michael Schlueter wrote:

> I had a few problems building potato images for the last month. Beside
> the stuff Joey Hess has already fixed tools/add_packages died always.
> A closer look on the mirror showed, that a lot of binary-all packages
> are not a link in binary-{$ARCH} but a real file... 

Can this be a problem of one (or several) individual mirrors or is the real
problem on ftp-master.d.o? (In which case I suppose a bug needs to be filed.)
Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

> My add_packages should be below the message and fixes the bug and
> includes Joey`s patch for non-US.

Thanks for your work; however I won't be committing it to CVS since I
basically don't know anything at all about debian-cd/YACS. (Haven't even
used it once ;-)

Right now I'm wondering if everything is ready for 2.2 rev1, which should
arrive "RSN". I don't have that impression. For example:
- Is the new add_packages you included the only thing to get "current-potato
  compliancy", or are other changes (w.r.t. current CVS version) needed?
  Which? Can Joey's (other?) patches be considered "official" and committed to
- Do the new (not yet uploaded AFAIK) boot-floppies require changes?
- Anything specific to non-i386 that nobody(?) is currently experimenting
- Anything that people don't like on the current Official CDs that could/
  should be changed/improved for rev1?
- ...?

(- Updated pi-makelist & updated README; has been somewhere halfway on my
   own long TODO list for quite a while..)

  Anne Bezemer

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