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[Fwd: cdimage.debian.org password]

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"H. Peter Anvin" <hpa@transmeta.com> writes:

> Hi there,
> The debian-cd on {www,ftp,rsync}.kernel.org is now back in operation,
> using debcdmirror-1.2 against the local debian debian mirror.  The
> webpages claim I need a rsync password to access cdimage.debian.org; it
> doesn't actually seem to be the case, but I am guessing you might have
> user- or bandwidth limits that apply otherwise, so I thought I should ask
> for the appropriate access.

I'm currently in France, so time for setting this up is limited.

I'd appreciate it if you remind me to send you a password if I don't
do so within a couple of weeks.  You don't need a password at present,
but if bandwidth becomes saturated next time we do a CD release, I'll
switch on the password check, and I want mirrors to still have access.

> The access points are:
> 	ftp://ftp.kernel.org/debian-cd/		[link to /pub/mirrors/debian-cd/]
> 	http://www.kernel.org/debian-cd/	[link to /pub/mirrors/debian-cd/]
> 	rsync://rsync.kernel.org/mirrors/debian-cd/

Please mention this to the debian-cd@lists.debian.org list, so it will
get on the mirrors list.

> I would also really appreciate it if you would add a link to "Linux
> Kernel Archives" http://www.kernel.org/ on our listing at your
> rsync-mirrors.html list.

Great --- sorry I 've not got time to do much about it, but ifyou mail
the list I'me sure Anne will sort out the details.

Cheers, Phil.
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